Civil sector
Ventura Ice Blasting carries out cryogenic cleaning and dry ice blasting both in the civil and in the home sector: both activities are mainly performed on walls, canopies and wooden ceilings. Wood is thus brought back to its original condition and beauty. They are also carried out on concrete walls and for renovation works.
We clean kitchen hood fans and kitchens; carry out fire damage restoration for the removal of combustion residues and of the deposit of toxic substances contained in fumes, of soot residues and of water used for fire extinguishing. Thanks to these activities homes and offices can be used after a short time.
Flood damage restoration consists of removing mildew, bacteria and bad smell due to humidity, drying and sanitizing walls, surfaces and equipment, as well as decontaminating residential environments.

Wood cleaning and ice blasting

Cleaning of kitchen and kitchens hoods


Fire damage restoration

Flood damage restoration

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