• Dry ice blasting
• Dry ice blasting in 4 steps
Dry ice blasting
What it is

Dry Ice Blasting is a revolutionary cleaning method
that uses small and compact dry ice pellets. Dry ice pellets are accelerated in a pressurized air stream like in traditional blasting methods.
It aims to replace waterblasting and other traditional cleaning methods which use abrasive agents like sand, glass and plastic. It also replaces other cleaning methods which use toxic chemicals, solvents, etc….


Upon impact with the surface dry ice sublimates. Treated surfaces remain thus clean and dry and no residues of cleaning agents are left.
Furtermore, dry ice blasting is a dry, non-conductive method and can thus be used where other methods cannot be used: electric motors and equipments with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic components can be cleaned by dry ice blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting does not produce residues after treatment. The coat that has been removed can be easily swept off from the floor. This is a time-saving activity and can be performed during short production interruption times.
Machines do not have to be dismounted or dismantled and can thus be used after a short time; they can often be used during use.

Technical advantages

Dry Ice Blasting is a fast cleaning method and the usually inaccessible parts can be easily reached by means of the wide range of available nozzles.
Residues do not remain in edges or slots and no foreign body is left on chains or guides.
Dry Ice Blasting is not abrasive, surfaces are treated gently and are not damaged or scratched. This is important especially for nickel, chrome and aluminium alloy parts.

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