Sales and maintenance
Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Dry ice blasting Icetech machines can be divided into four categories depending on their use:

Light Duty for simple cleaning, low ice consumption and high flexibility
Medium Duty for higher impact work, low ice consumption
Heavy Duty for professional use, high pressure output.
Extreme Heavy Duty suitable for intense use for tough applications.

Dry ice production

Dry ice is produced by means of specific icemaker machines in pellets, blocks and reformed slices:

Pelletizer: production of dry ice pellets
Dry ice pellets/blocks: production of pellets and blocks for airlines 
Dry ice pellets/reforming block: dry ice pellets reformer, blocks for airlines


Thanks to our experience we offer maintenance service for machines.

Sales of detergent

Professional use detergents in compliance with CE safety regulations for hazardous substances (67/548 and 199/45 and subsequent amendments and additions in compliance with EC Regulation 1907/2006 REACH).

Biphasic alkaline cleaner for industrial use ACTION GIO
Universal superdegreaser (inks, glues and adhesive residues) ICE GIO
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