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Cleaning is the prerequisite for hygiene and it is developed in a fixed process called sanitization and consists of different steps. One of these is disinfection.

Our disinfection method allows the permanent removal of infections due to harmful microorganisms by means of specific products depending on the different kind of surface and of dirt. Bacterial load is thus reduced by removing organic residues and specific disinfectants can be then applied.

To us, CLEANING and SANITIZING a room means making it HIGIENICALLY HEALTHY and ready to be inhabited by your customers/users.

There are different kinds of dirt and it is very important to choose the most suitable detergent.

Our cleaning services can be divided into two main activities:

  1. Civil and domestic sector
    Our company offers pest control to remove pests like roaches, cockroaches, German cockroaches, wasps, hornets, bedbugs, ants, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, flies, pigeons, mice and rats including a free inspection.
  2. Industrial sector
    We offer cleaning, pest control, disinfection, deratization, pigeon control and guano cleaning services, as well as mold sanitation by means of dry ice blasting.

For each sector we ensure high professionalism and constant training in compliance with the current legislation.

Ventura Ice Blasting di Ventura Enrique Yoandrys - via Rimini 42, 36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI)
tel. 342 1645424 - e-mail:
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