UV Light traps
Flying insects control such as Diptera and other species (Coleoptera/Lepidoptera) is performed by means of ultraviolet radiation lights with adhesive glue panel. 
These devices allow both the monitoring and the capture of these insects ecologically, hygienically and silently. Insects are attracted by the UV light (“phototropism”) and caught on the adhesive glue panel: in order to fly in the night and to follow the migration routes, they react to very weak light stimuli. For this reason they are attracted by artificial light (in particular UV light).
The glue panel holds the insect without any noise (typical of electrocution devices) and without leaving insect fragments in the area (which is very important in areas monitored in the HACCP system).
Thanks to the glue panels it is possible to monitor the number of captured insects and thus define accurate actions: glue panels are regularly removed and analyzed before being replaced. It is thus possible to obtain clear information about the species, their history and the fluctuation patterns of winged insects in the monitored area.
UV light traps must be positioned in the right places: trap lights must be efficient against flying insects but must also be safe for the room where they are positioned. For this reason, we offer a wide range of light traps with different features: devices with different IP (resistance to dust and water), electric devices with explosion-proof system Ex, light traps with shatterproof bulbs, ATEX certified lighting, single/double sided light traps.

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